Wedding Lashes

"Because who wants to lose a strip lash during their vows?"

With tears of joy running down your cheek on your big day, mascara should be the last thing you'll worry about!

We know how special the wedding day is for our happy couples. Our goal is to streamline the planning process and make your experience stress-free from start to finish!
Eyelash extensions are "tear-proof," "sweat-proof," and "pool-proof" so you can enjoy the ceremony, honeymoon and everything in between stress-free.

Your face is individual & unique, shouldn't your lashes be too?

Eyelash extensions are a perfect solution to enjoy a hassle-free and mascara-running-down-your-face-free day!

We recommend a full set of lashes 6 weeks before the big day, a fill 2 weeks before and a mini fill a few days prior so they can be at the peak of their fullness for all the festivities. Schedule your first set early to have this effortlessly gorgeous look intact for engagement parties, photo shoots, and everything in between.

Long, luxurious lashes can completely transform your look and minimize maintenance all the way through your honeymoon! Some brides are looking for a gentle enhancement while others are wanting more of a strip lash look. We do a thorough consultation prior to your first set to ensure you'll get a look you love!


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