Très Lucy is always on the hunt to test the limits of creativity with our ongoing casting calls. Because of this, we like to play around with ideas for our clients and marketing by doing trainings, seminars/webinars, and everything else in between. Sometimes this means we do avant-garde photoshoots with feathers and tightropes or simply test a new eyelash brand for extensions. We’re not looking for “America’s Next Top Model,” we’re looking for real people just like you!

Our models are our backbone – without people like you, our imaginative nature couldn’t shine!

Model Call


Anyone and everyone!

We don’t believe in following cookie cutter molds and we love that society/media is breaking that normalcy!

Nope! If you are under 18 years old, we just require a parent and/or guardian authorization.

We have done everything from newborn photoshoots to retirement parties for our models. Sometimes we have gigs that have an age requirement, and we’ll pull from our applicants accordingly.

We review all applicants within 7 days of submission. From there, we’ll let you know if you were accepted and we’ll provide a timeline for when you can expect your first session.

All models stay on file for one year. A lot can happen in a year, so please feel free to resubmit as needed!

Photoshoots: 30-90 minute photoshoot, two of your best photos. Also have the option to purchase additional photos at a discounted rate.

Eyelash Extensions: one set of classic individual eyelash extensions customized to you. Classic 2-3 week fill at a discounted rate.

Everything else depends on the project! We will let you know the details of the session we think you’d be a great fit for and then you can let us know if you think you’d be a great fit. 

Please note:

All models must sign a release of liability and a copyright release.

Images/media captured may be used on Très Lucy’s website, social media, advertising, marketing, publications, interior design, and more.

If selected, you will have a 48 hour window to reply to your acceptance. Please keep a close eye on your inbox the 7 days following  your submission.

Applicants must be local to IE, OC, or the LA area.

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