Sometimes. Eyeliner is safe for most lash extensions if you pay close attention to the ingredients. 

Oils are notorious for breaking down the adhesive/glue of most eyelash extensions. While we don’t tend to go out and look for oil-based makeup, many of our products contain oils that are harmful to the retention of your lashes.

You don’t have to go out and buy all new makeup the second you get extensions and then switch back when you’re done. Some of the safest liners on the market are actually top competitors and quite amazing!

Be sure to always check with your lash artist to see if they have a specific eyeliner brand safe for their adhesive.

A good rule of thumb: If it’s waterproof, it’s probably not safe.

Bare in mind, always check with your lash artist to see if they have a specific eyeliner safe for their adhesive.

We hunted through the lash artist forums and compiled a list of a few professional favorites:

“Ok, after a one hour long Body Combat class in the middle of summer in a crowded room with hardly any air-conditioning I was VERY curious to see how this eyeliner would hold up. At the end of the class I checked it out and there was NO smudging or flaking. That is seriously impressive!”

“…no raccoon eyes even if you accidentally rub your eyes. Easy to remove with make up remover.”

“It doesn’t interfere with getting ink on my eyelashes like liquids with brush tips do. It dries immediately and stays on all day.”

“It’s very pigmented and doesn’t smudge or run, even if my eyes water. It is thick, so you need to be adept at applying eyeliner delicately or use the included sharpener.”

“unlike with liquid eyeliners, you have control over intensity so you can make it really dark (like for smoky eyes) or less intense for every-day makeup.
Lastly, this eyeliner is not as dry as pencil, which makes it less harsh on my eyelids, takes less time to apply, no need to sharpen, no mess.”

“I use it both when I have eyelash extensions and when I don’t. It’s easy to apply and remove. It also won’t budge and never smudges!”

“…it goes to a really fine point so you can get it closer to the lashes than any other liner I’ve tried.”

“Glides on easily, very easy application. Once I had it on it didn’t budge till I used makeup remover to get it off. Side note I was outside on a 90 degree day for over 10 hours. Did. Not. Budge.”

“This is the best. It goes where no eyeliner can go, into the little area between the lash hairs. It’s a small, fine tipped delicate little pencil, not for clumsy, impatient hands.”

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